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Air Purifier – Air Circulation – Humidification – Temperature Control

One solution that makes it all possible.


▲ increase in plant

growth rate


▼ less power



▲ heating and cooling

energy efficiency


▼ less water


Raising agricultural productivity reduces global carbon emissions.

12.6% of global carbon emissions comes from agriculture business. This is 6.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. If plant growth efficiency is improved by 5% and is applied to global agriculture, we can contribute to carbon reduction of about 2.2 billion tons which is about a third of total agricultural carbon emissions.

Agriculture is the second major contributor to carbon emissions, which makes smart farming more preferable. Smart farming, however, requires high electricity consumption and it counterbalances the benefits to the environment.

Each individual device to create the clean environment such as air purifiers, circulation fans, air conditioners, pumps, and water circulation is merged into one solution to Watervation. Watervation’s smart farm solutions are designed to make agricultural systems renewable and scalable.

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