GHG Redutcion Solutions

Green Solutions that Target Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

What if smart farm truly cares about the environment?Water filters provide an answer to hard-to-abate industries with net-zero and decarbonizing solutions. 

Greenhouse Gases emitted from industrial sites have a global warming potential (GWP) that is 140 to 20,000 times higher than that of carbon dioxide in the air and they also remain in the atmosphere longer.

 Water is in the form of polar molecules and this enhances efficiency of its function as a scrubber. The waternet is structured with maximized surface area of fine droplets and compressed spray, which enables a strong carbon reduction effect. 

Watervation provides an effective decarbonization solution with its POU scrubbers and cyclone system using water filters to high-emitting facilities such as semiconductors and displays industries. 






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