Redefining water
For the purity of our homes
and the planet
What if one billion air purifiers in the world were removing carbon dioxide?

There are two ways of carbon removal. Indirect carbon reduction and carbon reduction through direct air capture. Watervation can enable both ways.

If all air purifiers in the world were changed to Watervation, energy efficiency would be increased and they can directly capture and store carbon without producing environmental waste.

Purification of our breathing air becomes the purification for the planet.

Using Watervation’s technology in various industries, individuals, businesses, government agencies, farms and factories can all contribute to net-zero.


2030 Global Target of Net-Zero

51 billion tonnes

We all need to work together to achieve net-zero from 51 billion tonnes (51 gigatons) of greenhouse gasses emitted each year.

Carbon Reduction Ecosystem

Our solution is applied to purification solutions for individuals, businesses and governments. We measure the carbon removal credits and create the carbon value chain, enabling everyone to participate in net-zero.


Why should governments and businesses be the only players in carbon reduction?

Watervation’s technology can be used by individuals as well as in various industrial fields.

Watervation is an original technology applicable to various industrial sizes.

Watervation makes no waste and uses less energy.


Regardless of the scope and form of the industry, we are taking the lead in net-zero pathways with a drop of water.

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